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Nature - silence

Nature - silence

On the programme for your quiet stay, Logis hotels offer you peace and quiet, far from the noise and bustle, so you can revive your ties with the beauty of nature at peace.

Your nature stay within the tranquillity of a peaceful setting

Treat yourself to the luxury of silence. Sheltered from all sound and visual pollution, all one can hear in this place is birdsong, the wind whispering through the trees... and your sighs of contentment.

The benefits of a quiet nature stay

Your hotel is located in a tranquil place, sheltered from all sound or visual pollution (busy road, railway line, airport, factory, kennel, etc.).

It is nestling inside a park, within direct reach of nature or inside a privileged natural site (seaside, lake, mountain, countryside, etc.).

The rooms are perfectly soundproofed from the rest of the building, the restaurant, the bar, the meeting room, the TV lounge, the kitchen.

The accommodation section itself has good insulation: partitions between rooms, isophonic doors and wall to wall carpeting in the public areas.

Particular care has been taken in soundproofing the plumbing, lift wells and staircases, as well as car park noise (compulsory double glazing), air-conditioning units, extractor fans, etc.

Tables have been laid out in such a way as to preserve the tranquillity of guests.

Outside too, the hotel is nicely laid out, providing an area conducive to rest and relaxation.

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